Over 60 trainings all over Europe for universities and industry

On-site trainings on the whole range of GPU computing technologies

Each lecture accompanied with a practical session on our remote GPU cluster

Best recipes of GPU code optimization, based on our 5-year development experience

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Exploiting the potential of GPU is now essential for everyone

Applied Parallel Computing LLC provides on-site training courses for scientists & engineers to develop, debug and optimize fast and efficient research & industrial codes within NVIDIA CUDA, OpenCL, OpenACC and Intel oneAPI ecosystems. Thanks to constant improvement, our courses has become a well-known pratically-focused quality standard, and have been also widely adopted for academic use in Master programs. For each client, we come up with a best suited set of our topic matrix: pure compute, deep learning with Torch, Keras or TensorFlow, GPU-accelerated libraries, CUDA Fortran, OpenMP and MPI.

Applied Parallel Computing LLC is an authorized consultancy partner of NVIDIA and AMD delivering GPU training courses in Europe since 2009.

All corresponding presentations and code samples will be available to attendees in printed handouts. The hands-on sessions are conducted on a remote Jupyter-based cloud platform equipped with NVIDIA Tesla V100, NVIDIA Tegra TX2 and AMD FirePro w9100 GPUs. Attendees may choose to connect the hands-on platform either from their personal laptops, or from a computer classroom provided by customer.

In addition to trainings, our company provides GPU porting/optimization services and CUDA/OpenACC Certification.

For more info, please check many of our previous events, our public talks, R&D / HPC consulting notes, and selected projects.